Who are we?

  • NLC2 is an artisanal record label focusing on quality songs & limited edition record releases.

Our records don’t sound like mass produced records. They are totally lo-fi D.I.Y. They were created, with love, on 65-year-old equipment in a living room. The resulting sound is like a blast from the past; a truly vintage experience. Tinkering is sometimes required in order to play our records.

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We want to bring attention to the physical album which is why our first releases will be a series of flexi discs made out of non traditional items such as plastic plates and x-rays.

We release records of songs and musicians we feel deserve to be heard. And so, unlike regular record labels, NLC2 does not have the typical roster of bands. Instead, a collaboration between the bands and NLC2 happens.

Artists allow us to make a set number of copies of their album. 2 copies stay with us (for our archives), copies are given back to the artist (for their archives), and the rest of the copies are made available for sale.


The first NLC2 release: Savant Flaneur 78 (Limited Edition white vinyl)

We hope you enjoy the music.